04 November 2009

becoming a woman means...wearing lipstick, i think.

at least i feel much more sophisticated when i do. i've always had a hard time wearing the stuff because it's just so darn hard to keep on! lip gloss has been a safe haven for me. but, i don't know about all of your significant others, but...mr. austen does not enjoy his mouth glossified. on top of that, i'm a terrible lip-licker! i know i know, that's so bad. i might as well usher chapped lips in on a red carpet. any rate, a constant mouthful of gloss gets my gag-reflex goin. and, forget straight up lipstick...hello red teeth! and, that stay-put stuff clumps off all crazy-like with my lip-licking ways.
i've been searching and searching for a classy, trendy, natural pout for so long! and, for a while now i've just been using the "rose salve" by bigelow. which, is a dream. it's thin and fresh and you can use it anywhere - hands, face..it's a salve, have at it! amazing. i swear by it.

but, that still didn't solve my color problem. i have small lips, and when they are pale, i feel like a snake-woman.
i saw an ad for the covergirl lipstain stuff, and i knew at that moment that my problems were solved. just the name, lip stain...it sounded wonderful. i love it. I LOVE IT!!! it's like a magic marker for your lips. and it stays forever! i feel so finished and confident when i have it on. like a woman should! i found my perfect color - "sassy mauve." and it matches the natural hue of my lips very well.
burke laughs so hard because i now can never leave the house with out my lips on. i feel like my mother! but, i love it.
(funny story, my neice, phebe, would call her lipstick "her lips" and she always had it on, all over her face. she would even use it to draw a few sets of eyebrows above her given pair. she was like 2 at the time. sassy little thing. one day, when she couldn't find her lips she said, "oh, where are my lips? oh sh**! i lost my damn lips!" even a two year old understands the need a woman has for beautiful lips)!
so, if my problems sounded similar to those that you face...here is your solution: put on some lip-stain, let it dry, add a layer of rose salve...and away you go! worry-free. you'll be a new woman! free from clumps, red teeth, mouthfuls of gloss and unhappy boys.

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Ashley Schott said...

omg this sounds like the most amazing thing ever!! i wear lipstick with gloss over it everyday and it always bothers me and gets on my teeth! i have the unfortunate problem of having lops the exact same color as my face naturally. your little niece sounds so adorable:)