29 January 2010

poppy.love = turquoise

to me,
turquoise is...
and makes me think of...
the 60's,
the beach,
polka dots,
my grandma opal's jewelry,
and my kitchen.

i just found this article on the pantone website announcing that
the color of 2010 is TURQUOISE!!!
how beautiful is that?
says pantone:
"Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing,"
i would add that it's beautifully retro.
i love their pick,
especially since my entire kitchen is turquoise.
it makes me quite happy.

also, doesn't it remind you a bit of this lady???
she snagged turquoise a while ago, and made it her own.
we call it, "martha blue."
i kind of own a good handful of the kitchen stuff pictured below.
so, yes, the bulk of my "turquoise" kitchen is, actually, "martha blue."
i'm fine with that.
but, i am always on the search for other cute turquoise items to find their home in my kitchen.

a shelf from my kitchen.
(if this room were pristine and photo-worthy at the moment, i would have
shown you around a bit more.but, it's not, so i won't)!

some turquoise goodness i've had my eye on...

(l-r: eight hour day, modcloth, urban outfitters, anthropologie, mimi boden, renegade homemade, forever 21,
urban outfitters, two little owls, mimi boden, these creatures & etsy).

doesn't all of that make you so...ahhhhh? (insert sigh of blissful relaxation).

here's a little painting i started last semester.
as paintings go, it's not quite finished.

aspen trees with their roots growing together...
growing new trees...
there's a heart between them with their roots...
and birds flying up to the trees,
to complete the theme of unity.
i'm still reworking all of the other colors,
except the TURQUOISE!!!
i love the turquoise.
it's seriously always the first color i mix and to hit my canvas.


1 comment:

Ashley Schott said...

I have that same Martha egg timer in yellow! Great minds think alike;) I love all the turquoise! It is such a great, retro color. I love it paired with lime green and (of course) yellow. It's super cute with red too... It's pretty much awesome with anything...
P.S. You are so cute with all your little sweet doggies and your new birds:) I love parakeets! I used to have one just like your blue one named Billy. My brother was allergic to him so he had to go. Dumb brother...