03 November 2009

next project please...

is this not just darling? oh goodness. what a great idea.
i've been getting so excited to make some cute and citchy crafts for christmas. i started looking for ideas, and when i found this little jem at KnocKnocking's etsy shop, i knew that it was just the thing. (check them out here, they have such a great vintage feel). i will have to play around with a few different possibilities i have dancing around in my head... and doesn't that prospect just make your heart flutter with excitement? it does mine!

oh, and i am just dying over this little darling!

mmmmm, christmas is so nice. i can already taste it!


KnockKnocking said...

Thanks for the mention! Hope it turns out! And of course, if you have trouble, you always know where to find me. ;)

xoxo Agnes

Ashley Schott said...

OMG i LOVE that wreath! i hope you don't mind that i'm totally making one too for christmas!