25 January 2010

nie nie

i had such a lazy worthless day today.
my excuse: my girly time of the month.
i'm such a whimp.
and, i have so much to do and to work on...
and, the best thing is that i can.
i have a wonderfully capable body.
and, i know that tomorrow i will feel better and get it all done.
i'm so grateful for that.

and wept.
because she is so sweet and beautiful.
and if she had my body right now,
she would be doing everything that she could.
she wouldn't be wasting days.

i hate taking showers because i get a little cold.
not because i have to rub my skin raw until it bleeds.

i stayed in bed a little longer today because i was too snuggly with my doggies.
not because i was literally in too much pain to move.

"Even in the midst of pain and suffering,
the Lord always reminds me that
life is a gift-no matter the condition." - nie nie

if you haven't read her blog today, or at all, you should!
she is the loveliest person i know.
and, i've never met her. :)
i'm so grateful for nie nie because she is willing to share her life with us.
and, i know that it can't be easy to do that.
i'm grateful for the perspective that i get when i read her blog.
and, how motivated i become to take on life.
to keep on working and trying.
because, that's what she's doing.
and, she is definitely the type of woman i would love to be.

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