24 January 2010


snow is one of the things that i hate the most.
but, even i will admit that sometimes it can be rather magical.
like when the night is still,
and the air is crisp,
and there is a new blanket of white covering the world.
and i think, "well, ok, this isn't that bad."
then, we drive on roads that haven't been plowed,
with the slushy disgustingness.
the cold wetness.
and, the magic is over.
i hate snow again.
i will, however, go out in the snow with my feet in these.
they are comfy, warm and dry.
and, they look darling with leggings and a cute skirt.
they make my life in utah manageable.
and, i know i'm a brat about it, and that's just the way it has to be.

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